Projects Portfolio


Online Business Applications Projects supported by IoT Network Infrastructure Projects that can be implemented individually or as a Portfolio to enable fast, secure, friendly and global Digital Commerce (DC) in Organisations

Website Projects


Website Projects to provide Organisations with reputable and trusted online brand presence that sets base for Digital Commerce over the Internet

eCommerce Projects


Online Commerce solutions enable SMEs to sell anything they want to sell online non-Stop 24/7 to any part of the World in this post COVID19 era 

eBusiness Applications


ERP eBusiness Applications that empower Management to centrally view and manage Organization's resources  

IoT Networks


Fast and securely connected intelligent devices, staff, partners and suppliers to enable digital commerce communications anywhere in the world

SCADA Automation


Centrally monitor and control Production Plants, Pipelines, Transportation, Electricity Distribution and any other Industrial or Commercial processes

Renewable Energy


Renewable energy sources to protect eBusiness Networks and Business critical information systems against power outages