"simplified living"

AfriDigital History

The Business was originally registered in Zimbabwe in year 2000 and operated for 8 years as VIVID Networks. VIVID Networks implemented eBusiness Solutions including ICT Networking and Web projects in airlines, banks, schools, embassies, government departments and several private Organizations in Southern Africa.


After familiarizing with the South African market the Directors of VIVID Networks registered a similar Business in South Africa in 2015 as AfriDigital Holding (Pty) LTD (trading as AfriDigital) whose primary focus is to implement modern Digital Business Solutions for Organizations in Africa. This is in line with the Digitalization era of the 4th and 5th Industrial Revolutions that use Internet, Web and Cloud Technologies for doing business and to reduce limitations of legacy “brick and mortar” businesses. This led to creation of our vision "a Digital Africa" for "simplified living"


AfriDigital Values

Consultants of AfriDigital have always worked based on ethics of truth and integrity in order to meet high standards of our Clients’ quality expectations.

We comply with ISO 9001:2008 and strive to keep pace with global technological developments

"The Internet brought numerous benefits to Businesses across the globe especially in Digitalization. However, Africa still trails behind facing service delivery limitations. We aim to help narrow the digital divide between Africa and the world by implementing more automated business systems that transform or upgrade Business models in Africa to Digital.


We love to see a Digital Africa that has critical mass of Business activities where people buy and sell online from anywhere, where Business services are provided through Internet Applications and where People work online from anywhere"

Paul Keta

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