Client Referrals

Make extra dollars in 2022 without disrupting your normal work or business


One big lesson learnt from years 2020/21 is that it is too risky to live life relying on one source of income..

We are inviting Independent Marketing, Sales, ICT Professionals and Influencers to join our Affiliate Marketing Program and generate extra income without leaving their normal work. This is a result of unprecedented demand by Companies in Africa to modernize their IT systems and extend their capabilities to conduct business online, a way to mitigate pandemics.

What you will do:

  1. Refer AfriDigital to Clients in Africa that intend to upgrade or modernize their ICT systems 
  2. Where possible forward our marketing material to the Client e.g. company profile
  3. Provide AfriDigital Professionals with contact details of the Client

What AfriDigital will do:

  1. Formally approach the Client
  2. Analyse the Client's needs
  3. Develop proposals and presentations
  4. Close the sales deal
  5. Deliver the required work
  6. Invoice for the completed work
  7. Pay out Affiliate fee

Benefits to you:

  • You will receive a percentage of the Profits (after costs) as commission 
  • Since the Client is yours, you will know if the deal has been won or not

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